Marine Nature Reserve of Villasimius Capo Carbonara

Departure: Costa Rei

Departure and return time: 09.00/13.00

The cruise takes approximately 50 minutes. Heading south towards Capo Carhonara you will sail through many wonderful bays, such as Cala Sinzias, Cala Pira and the Piscine (literally, the swimming pools). The Isola dei Cavoli is the final destination. Here, statue of the Virgin Mary is visible underwater, resting on a bed of posidonia and surrounded by colourful fish. The excursion then moves onto the island, which is covered with the local endemic flora. It is possible to reach the top of the island by foot and visit an enchanting ancient lighthouse and the Spanish tower, dating back to the VII century. On the way back north, through the Capo Carbonara channel and the white beaches of Villasimius — Cala di Giunco, Simius and Punta is Molentis — it will be possible to stop for a swim.

Serpentara Island

Departure: Costa Rei

Departure and return time: 09.00/12.00

The cruise arrives on the north side of the sea stacks of Serpentara Island and slowly sails along the east side of the island. Rising out of the sea, the peculiar granite cliffs are a remarkable creation of the combined force of waves and wind, and decorate this side of Serpentara like a detailed piece of art. First stop: Baia Saracens, dominated by the Spanish tower of’ San Luigi and the Cliffs of the Seagulls. The colourful rocky seabed ofthe bay is rich in marine flora and fauna. Next stop: Punta la Guardia. The name comes from the times when Saracen pirates roamed the area and a sentinel guarded the surrounding shores. The final stop is at Cala Pira, Here you can take a last swim and visit the Promontorio dei Ginepri Rossi and the Spanish tower, before heading back.


Departure: Costa Rei

Departure and return time: 09.00/11.30 – 14.30/17.00

We sail southbound and close to the shore, through Cala Sinzias bay, Punta is Cappuccinus and the unforgettable Cala Pira for the first stop. Here the Spanish tower of Cala Pira rises above the promontory, covered with a very rare species of millenary red juniper and surrounded by extremely fine, white sand. The last stop is at Le Piscine (literally, the swimming pools), an untouched paradise which can only he reached by sea, where no one can resist the temptation to swim in such a crystal-clear turquoise water.

Baia delle anfore

Departure: Costa Rei

Departure and return time: 09.00/14.30 – 14.30/17.00

We sail northbound along the wide and white beach of Costa Rei and shortly get to Porto Pirastu, where once laid an ancient Roman port. An extremely ancient proto-nuraghe and the Monti Ferru Spanish tower dominate the bay. Slowly proceeding along the impressive granite cliffs we cruise part the Capo Ferrato lighthouse and the stunning Secca delle Cicaleto finally arrive at the Baia delle Anfore.

Diving in this location, even with just a mask, is an unforgettable experience. The seabed there is a meadow of posidonia on which lay a great number of fragments of Roman amphorae. The fragments are probably what is left of an ancient shipwreck. The next and last stop is the Calette di Ferraxi to take a swim in its crystal-clear waters.

Murtas beach

Departure: Costa Rei

Departure and return time: 09.00/16-17.00

A trip through the colours and the scents of untouched nature. On the way to Murtas we pass Ferraxi beach, the pond of Colostrai, the Spanish tower of Torre Salinas – guarding the salt marsh by the mouth of the Flumendosa river – and Marina di Porto Corallo. The final destination, Murtas beach, is a matchless stretch of grainy, snow-white sand overlooked by the Spanish tower of Murtas. The north end of the bay is one of the remaining segments of Sardinian shores still covered with thick maquis – a rocky and wild landscape, but still softened by strokes of pink granite. In the bay, covered by a few meters of waters, lays the wreck of an eighteenth century vessel. The shipwreck is observed easily with just a diving mask.

Additional Information

A 12-seat rubber boat, with a 115 horse-powered engine will be used for all the excursions.
Itineraries are subject to variation due to weather conditions.
We recommend to take you a cap, a T-shirt, diving flippers, a mask and a camera.


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Nicola – 339 3129796

For excursions leaving from Via delle Rose and Le Ginestre
Alessia – 346 0839616