Itineraries and diving Points

The tourist approach is encouraged and channeled towards an awareness, ever so high, the specificity of the natural environment, customs and traditions of the population, of the Sardinian tradition, the archaeological and historical and natural landscape.
In this way, with passion and experience, you can create and develop the interest on the mainland following breathtaking views, or the sea, on the trail of the ancient fishing traditions, or even in the underwater world, with specialized guides, to discover the many, many wrecks submerged and the story of a not always benevolent sea has left us.

Diving spots

The beautiful Villasimius seabed is constantly visited by diving in all seasons of the year. Countless attractive points of note within the Marine Protected Area of Capo Carbonara. Besides the natural beauty, rocks and submerged cliffs, fauna and typical and lush throughout the AMP flora, you can even admire an 1943 shipwreck.

Tourist services

In Area Marine Protected all tourist services are provided. Hiking, scuba diving, fishing tourism, rental and leasing of boats, guided tours …

There is just everything you could want for a truly special and memorable holiday.
In a beautiful and unspoiled landscape is available for hotels and hotels, resorts, campgrounds, bed and breakfasts and cottages, that can satisfy high receptivity.
In particular, with accommodation in Hotel, Residence and villages, Villasimius is able to offer about 5800 beds. You will reach a receptivity of 7000, counting the Holiday homes and B & Bs.
In the Villasimius city center are available all kinds of shops, banks, pharmacies, bars, ice cream parlors, tobacconists, newsagents, bakeries, pastry shops.

On the coast, just outside the town, there are nightclubs and discos, restaurants and pizzerias for all tastes and occasions.